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Sitemap of Weatherization Sections

Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.

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Energy Efficient Homes .

Reweatherization of homes and commercial buildings can improve air tight building skins and reduce energy use with better insulation, high performance appliances, and better weatherization technology and techniques.

Purpose of Weatherization

The purpose of weatherization is to reduce the cost and environmental impact of wasted energy use and improve comfort and health of residents, and productivity of workers in commercial buildings.

IECC - International Energy Conservation Code

IECC codes promote stronger building energy codes and help government agencies adopt, implement, and enforce building and construction codes for building energy use.

Health and Safety of Weatherized Buildings

Health and Safety issues of weatherized buildings include indoor air quality, cold drafts, heat strokes, as well as leaking fuels, barriers to vermin and related standards of living for quality of life and health. Especially for children and vulnerable populations.

Energy Star Ratings

Energy Star Ratings help identify energy efficient products, buildings, and methods. DOE and EPA both conduct Energy Star research, commercialization programs and energy efficiency rating evaluations.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits to identify weatherization projects can help reduce energy use and improve energy efficiency, as well as indoor air quality, health and productivity. Energy audits identify thermal bridging, leaks, pollutants and other building envelop problems.

Contractor Certification Programs

Certified energy efficiency and weatherization contractors are trained and evaluated for best practices, knowledge of energy efficiency technologies, and for knowledge of regulation compliance and incentives programs.

Community Based Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Community Based Weatherization & Energy Efficiency include block purchasing projects, HUD housing programs, state and local legislation (like AB 811 in California) and outreach programs such as free light bulbs and educational demonstrations.

Wind Energy is a Renewable Energy Source

Small Wind Energy is a Renewable Energy Source that can be mounted on homes and businesses to generate renewable energy and reduce electricity bills while growing local energy security.

Save Energy with Weatherization for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient heating with weatherization tightens the building shell to save energy by preventing heat loss and cold infiltration from weather extremes. Insulation, caulking, vapor barriers, thermal barriers and high performance appliances are core energy saving weatherization strategies for energy efficient heating and cost saving cooling.

Utility Companies & Energy Efficiency

Utility companies support energy efficiency in states where they profit from conservation MORE than energy consumption. Utility companies sometimes provide weatherization and energy efficiency training, incentives and services to reduce their peak load to prevent building new power generation plants.

USA Executive Order 13423

The US Presidential Executive Order 13423 strengthened Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management in an environmentally, economically and fiscally sound, integrated, continuously improving, efficient, and sustainable manner.

Training & Technical Assistance for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Training & technical assistance for weatherization and energy efficiency provide skills and knowledge for green jobs, saving utility costs and reducing environmental climate change.

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property in Weatherization

Technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) in weatherization and energy efficiency comes mostly from university energy centers and federal research laboratories.

Technical Assistance for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Technical Assistance for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency includes energy audits, energy efficiency engineering, retrofit planning, and job training for installation of energy efficient systems.

Solar Thermal Renewable Energy Generation

Solar thermal renewable energy generation and solar hot water heating can reduce energy costs and generate extra energy for resale to a local utility company.

Solar photovoltaic - PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy generation on homes, businesses and government rooftops and walls can supplement energy efficiency with renewable energy incentives and net metering sale to utility companies.

Solar Technologies for Energy Efficiency

Solar techniques for energy savings include window sunlight and shade, solar tube skylights, light shelves, solar powered pathway lights and signage, as well as solar PV and solar thermal units for power and water applications.

SmartSchools Program

EnergySmart Schools are smart schools with energy efficiency, weatherization, renewable energy generation and behavior changes to reduce waste.

Sensors and Monitors for Energy Efficiency

Sensors and Monitors for Energy Efficiency include energy monitors, motion detectors, timers, smart controllers, smart thermometers, and other electronic devices that improve behavior results.

HUD Section 8 Housing

HUD Section 8 provides programs such as Section 8 Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, a Homeownership Option Program (HOP), connected to HUD's Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities to create strong, sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy.

Renewable Energies for Energy Conservation

Renewable energy efficiency and renewable generation reduce waste and use of constrained resources such as petroleum and coal - and improve air quality, water quality, biodiversity and economic competitiveness


Technology transfer of energy efficiency innovation and intellectual property is conducted mainly by universities, federal laboratories and leading green tech companies funded with venture capital. Some spin-off companies result from lab researchers starting their own business.

Passive Solar Building Design

Passive Solar Building Design optimizes natural light, ventilation, site location, orientation, and other non-technology systems to reduce wasted energy and maximize use of natural resources.

New Buildings Save Energy when Fully Weatherized

New Buildings Save Energy when Fully Weatherized with an Energy Audit to Guide Tight Construction and reduce HVAC specifications to meet proper indoor air quality guidelines.

Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy programs support energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart communities to reduce building energy consumption from 40% of our infrastructure. Net Zero Energy buildings can actually PRODUCE more energy than they use.

Lighting for Energy Efficiency

Lighting energy efficiency includes energy audits implemented with lighting retrofits with LED, CFL and HID light bulbs and fixtures as well as natural light, task lighting, and motion sensors to automate reduced energy use.

Green Jobs & Business Opportunities

Weatherization and energy efficiency jobs include energy auditor, light and solar installers, natural light designers, solar and skylight installers... as well as manufacturing, sales, distribution and maintenance of energy efficient buildings and products.

Insulation For Energy Efficiency

Insulation is the best use of weatherization money - attics, ceilings, floors, walls, pipes, and caulking of holes and cracks reduce energy consumption by as much as 25% and can also reduce the size and cost of HVAC equipment.

Incentives & Rebates for Weatherization

Incentives & Rebates for Weatherization are offered by federal, state and local governments, as well as utilities to encourage peak energy reduction. Voluntary energy efficiency is rewarded with financial incentives, followed by mandatory compliance with regulations result in fees and penalties.

Grants for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Grants for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency include LIHEAP for low income housing, energy audits, energy efficiency engineering, retrofit planning, and job training

Funding Sources for Energy Efficiency & Weatherization

Funding sources for energy efficiency and weatherization projects can come from loans, grants, incentives, rebates and cost savings (ROI). It costs money to make money! And energy efficiency pays in the long term, some such as behavior changes can payoff immediately.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy efficiency ratings are applied to technologies, products, buildings and infrastructures and provide a way to measure, monitor and improve energy efficient performance.

EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale)

Builders Challenge, the EnergySmart Home Scale E-Scale is an easy tool for homebuyers and homeowners to make smart energy efficiency and weatherization decisions when purchasing, renting, or updating a home.

Employer Training

Employer training in weatherization and energy efficiency covers maintenance, behavior changes, technologies, and infrastructure systems such as the Smart Grid.

DOE Building Technologies Program

DOE Building Technologies Program helps contractors and businesses increase energy efficiency with whole building design, sensors, energy rated appliances and equipment and maintenance to reduce energy use.

Customer Education for Energy Efficiency and Weatherization

Customer Education for Energy Efficiency and Weatherization helps government agencies like HUD, EPA and DOE develop a green workforce, reduce needs for new power plants, reduce impact on the environment, and reduce energy waste.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings face increasing regulation for energy efficiency, water conservation and indoor air quality.

Commercialization of Energy Efficiency Technology

Commercialization of Energy Efficiency Technology includes energy research, construction research and development, green job training, energy sector financing, and technology transfer of equipment, design/build, and energy generation.

Best Practices for Energy Savings with Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable energy depends on best practices for Weatherization and Energy Efficiency start with behavior - turn it off! Energy audits identify specific energy savings problems in wasted energy and optimize behaviors and remodeling for energy efficiency and weatherization.

High Performance Appliances

High Performance Appliances from heaters and air conditioners to refrigerators and freezers - to televisions and computers all save money on energy use and room conditioning over the entire life of the appliance.

NREL Nat'l Renewable Energy Lab

Certification Programs for Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

Certification programs for weatherization and energy efficiency careers and green jobs are based on whole building engineering and energy conservation.

Biomass as Renewable Energy

Biomass is a new energy generation program that converts agricultural waste, etc. into methane, ethanol, etc. for use as fuel or electrical energy generation.

Behavior Strategies for Energy Efficiency

Behavior Strategies for Energy Efficiency include monitoring energy use, comparing actual behavior with perceptions, understanding true cost of energy, and supplementing controls with sensors and governors.

Weatherization Solutions

Weatherization technologies reduce energy use, and make buildings more comfortable. Many innovative energy efficiency technologies are available from insulation to sensors and thermal barriers, as well as thermal imaging to identify energy loss.

Trade Associations in Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Trade Associations in Weatherization & Energy Efficiency provide training, job certification programs, product certification, public policy lobbying, and industry information distribution for technical assistance to the field.

Electric Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency

Electric Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency includes the electric and natural gas distribution network, as well as energy generation, mining, drilling and pollution control. Energy jobs in renewable energy can bring this infrastructure to local communities.

Public Policy for Energy Efficiency

Public policy for energy supply and energy efficiency starts with behaviors - business, community and family - and continues with the science of resource constraints, climate change, social issues and governance.

Companies in Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Companies in Weatherization & Energy Efficiency provide energy audits, high efficiency installation, contract maintenance and service, as well as manufacturing, retail and distribution of certified energy efficient products and services.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) use much of a building's energy. Effective insulation and caulking can reduce the needed size of HVAC equipment and save money. Natural air ventilation can also be balanced with HVAC to save money and increase indoor air quality.

Energy Star Programs by DOE & EPA

Energy Star Programs by DOE & EPA help energy efficiency, weatherization, renewable energy and construction industries research and deploy energy efficient standards for products, methods, and consumer behaviors.

Multi-family Housing

Multi-family housing can reduce energy bills with solar hot water, recycled water, energy efficiency programs, white roofs, and high performance HVAC systems. Learn more about the many options to reduce the cost and impact of energy in multi-family communities

Single Family Homes' Energy Efficiency and Weatherization

Reduce Energy Bills with Single Family Homes' Energy Efficiency and Weatherization for Indoor Air Quality, Comfort and Cost Effectiveness.

Health and Safety in Energy

Health and safety issues in energy include pollution, security, indoor air quality, climate change, social justice in communities, heat and cold for vulnerable populations, and natural resources management.

Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESCs),

Federal Energy Management Program includes Utility Energy Services Contracts to help Federal agencies implement energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency projects.

Research in Energy Efficiency & Weatherization

Energy research is quickly improving energy efficiency techniques and products, renewable energy sources, behaviors that use less energy, and product development for high performance and whole building design.

Youth Programs in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

Youth programs in weatherization and energy efficiency can provide green career training, improve energy efficiency of family homes, and strengthen community commitment to sustainable communities.

Weatherization Training

Weatherization training prepares energy auditors, installers and remodeling contractors to spot heat leaks, indoor air quality pollutants, inadequate insulation, inefficient appliances, leaks and holes in the building skin, etc.

Communications for Weatherization

Communications for Weatherization includes helping building owners understand the ROI for energy efficiency, the productivity gains from indoor air quality and new metrics for measuring results.

Clean Energy Corps

Clean Energy Corps to achieve the goal of energy independence and invest in the jobs of the future and in the industries of the future, because the country that leads in clean energy and energy efficiency today.

Controllers for Energy Efficiency

Controllers for building management can add savings to behavior strategies, improve productivity by controlling room temperature, lighting, air quality and sound levels.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation in buildings starts with passive solar design, high efficiency HVAC, behavior modification, ease of maintenance, and continues with high performance maintenance.

Insurance for Energy Efficiency Projects

Green building insurance coverage requires custom terms to properly insure against potential loss of unique properties such as vegetative roof and costs associated with green certification after reconstruction.

Weatherization Markets

Weatherization projects can include whole-building retrofits, or planning ahead for new building weatherization and energy efficiency. We help you find options and ROI of weatherization projects and programs.a

Roofing for Weatherization & Energy Efficiency

Roofing for energy efficiency and weatherization varies by hot or cold regions, but can use insulation and color to reduce your energy bills and improve comfort during seasonal extremes. Roofing is your protection against solar and wind.

ASRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeraiton, Air Conditioning Engineers

ASRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeraiton, Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE standards and training advance building equipment technology to promote a sustainable world.

Net-zero-energy Building Design, Construction and Maintenance

Net Zero energy strategies balance energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce building energy consumption to zero or net positive energy generation. It's a new strategy with growing research and commercialization support.

DOE Department of Energy Regulatory Programs

The Federal and State governments all have Departments of Energy to regulate energy generation, distribution, and environmental impact. The US DOE is the lead agency in research and development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, weatherization technical assistance.

US HUD Housing & Urban Development

The US HUD agency provides weatherization and energy efficiency training, technical assistance and grants, incentives and tax deduction programs for vulnerable populations - children, low-income, seniors, and disadvantaged communities.

DOE Department of Energy Commercialization Programs

The US Department of Energy (DOE) researches, trains, deploys, and funds energy efficiency, weatherization, renewable energy, and as well as regulates petroleum, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy generation and distribution.

Information Gathering for Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Programs

Information gathering for weatherization and energy efficiency programs includes regional ecosystem weather, identifying appropriate certification programs, certified contractors, high performance technology, incentive and rebate programs, and measuring the ROI of the most effective projects being considered.

REEP - Retrofit for Energy and Env. Performance

The Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Performance (REEP) program helps retrofit existing buildings across the US for cost-effective 20% energy efficiency improvements and significant water conservation - by DOE and EPA


The US EPA and state environmental protection agencies work with renewable energy, energy efficiency and weatherization that not only deals with equipment, but greenscapes, landscaping, natural light, habitat, and risk management from drought, urban heat islands, floods and indoor air quality.

Technology Transfer

Renewable and energy efficiency technology transfer from Federal Labs and Universities can jumpstart commercialization of energy efficiency and energy generation technologies such as sensors, solar, wind, geothermal and high performance construction.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells can be used in building energy systems. A hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen as its fuel and oxygen as its oxidant; hydrocarbons and alcoholsor chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

Monitors and Meters for Energy Efficiency

Monitors and Meters for Energy Efficiency reduce wasted light, heat, air conditioning and water with motion sensors, heat detectors, light detectors, etc. Save money by adding electronic monitoring to behavior management.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy and temperature control that can be used for residential, commercial or industrial facilities. Measuring geothermal potential for a region is an important ROI metric.

Manufactured Housing

Weatherization and energy efficiency of manufactured housing can save energy costs, improve indoor air quality and comfort, and reduce impact on the environment. Smart communities make incentives and technical assistance available to owners of manufactured housing.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

ARRA stimulus funding has been channeled to state and local government agencies to maintain services and provide energy efficiency, renewable energy and job training.

Air Ducts

Air ducts can lose conditioned air - hot and cold - and insulation and proper sizing can save you lots of money, improve indoor air quality for health, and reduce noise. we help you identify air duct solutions.

Weatherization .

Weatherization includes plugging air leaks, improving indoor air quality and tightening the barrier to weather temperatures, moisture and even insect invasions.

EERE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department of DOE

EERE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is DOE's department of research, commercialization and training for commercial businesses, local governments and programs that support other DOE missions.

Window Replacement for Condensation Problems

Window replacement is an extreme measure when trying to resolve the problem of condensation; there are easier measures that should be first taken; if these steps do not work, replacing windows could be a must for homeowners

DOE to Invest $8 in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Efforts for Energy Saving Strategies

Energy saving with DOE's 2009 investment of nearly $8 billion in state and local weatherization and energy efficiency efforts for energy savings as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Retrofit Bay Area to Fund Residential Retrofits Create Jobs, Leverage More Funding

California distributes weatherization and energy efficiency funding for the San Francisco Bay area.

Radiant Barriers for Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Insulation is one of the highest payback improvements you can make to a building -- at both new construction and remodeling time. Radiant barriers are a new approach with additional heat resistant benefits.

Workplace Conditions Shape Employee Energy Savings Behavior

A new study by energy efficiency company, Johnson Controls Inc.,  took a look at the effect workplace comfort has on employee productivity and energy conservation.

Indoor Air Quality and Home Energy Efficiency Challenges

Many homes have moisture, combustion safety or indoor air quality problem that result from inadequate or non-functional energy systems.

Net Zero Energy and Carbon Neutrality in Existing Homes

Strategies for net zero energy vary by household, climate, region and housing type.

Green Retrofit Program (GRP) for Section 202, Section 811, and Project Based Section 8

Green Building is an approach to sustainable development that is designed to result in a property that reduces energy demand, costs less to operate, improves the residents' quality of life, and reduces its impact on the environment.

Weatherization of Section 8 Housing

The Section 8 housing program is designed to increase the housing choices available to very low-income households by making privately-owned rental housing affordable to them. It provides rent subsidies, either rental certificates or vouchers, on behalf of eligible tenants.

Deep Energy Reductions in Homes with Weatherizing

Deep energy reduction is needed in the vast majority of housing stock.  To weatherize homes is to save energy and make homes more comfortable...and that saves money for the homeowner and the utility infrastructure.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green


Window Replacement for Condensation Problems

DOE to Invest $8 in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Efforts for Energy Saving Strategies

Retrofit Bay Area to Fund Residential Retrofits Create Jobs, Leverage More Funding


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